About ATAP

Founding Principles

American Threat Assessment and Protection, ATAP, was founded after the school shooting in Parkland, FL.  That incident, in a community that just days before was rated as the #15 SAFEST in the nation, showed us that it is not if something bad will happen, it’s when and where.

Twenty years after Columbine, Parkland showed us that we have not done enough to keep our children and educators safe.

There is already too much put on administrators, too many tasks, too many people, too many problems; too many unfunded mandates.

ATAP is the one resource to help you through all your school security needs, we stand next to you as your consultant. We help simplify safety and connect to the expertise you need, whether it is us or someone else.  And we keep our programs cost-effective: from our $0.25/person/month behavior pattern data collection program built around the whole-child (the ATAP Hall Monitor), to our train-the-trainer safety programs, like ATAP Vigilant, we’ve built our business to provide you with the best safety solutions at the lowest cost.

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School Centered Approach

We’re not like most security agencies.  We’ve dealt with businesses and churches but we focus on schools.  We’re not focused on money, we’re focused on the families we help stay safe.  That’s why our technology, like ATAP Hall Monitor, and training, like the ATAP VIGILANT program, are low-cost and specific to schools.


We are unique in our combination of experienced educators, researchers, police and military veterans and safety personnel, which gives us unique understanding, approach, communication, and results when working with you.

Jackie joined with ATAP because it wasn’t about the past; as a doctoral candidate she wanted to study and learn from what is happening NOW.  Part of her draw to ATAP is our focus to make our training more than active shooter training, not only for safety, but change training to truly help people prepare.  We are excited to bring her research and understanding of Behavior Analysis and training to build programs that will yield long-term results without scaring people in the process.

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