Comprehensive School Safety Planning

You’re busy. You recognize the importance of school safety. You’re taking steps. How do you know what you’re doing is the BEST investment of your resources?

You need ONE solution. A source you can trust. That will help prioritize and explain the steps needed for district and building safety that go beyond building assessment.

You need a TEAM to consider your district safety, not just law enforcement oriented on buildings, but one which takes the perspective of educators in account. Better still one that is backed by researchers.

You need advice focused on holistic school safety, not just a school shooter. You need a Comprehensive School Safety Planning group. You need ATAPsecurity.

We simplify the choices for you. Comprehensive School Safety, the way district safety should be done, is many pieces working together. Because we begin by learning where you are, and clarify what your priorities are, we can advise you on what pieces to work on first. You pick a level of service, we outline the process and guide you through the work. We’ve geared our services to create a five-year plan to create a Comprehensive School Safety Plan teaching your district staff the process to continually update and improve it. If you’re well on your way to comprehensive safety, or don’t want our instruction, we can perform the services you want or advise you on qualifying candidates to choose from. Of course, we always offer our assistance in maintaining your schools’ safety through our ongoing programs like the ATAP Hall Monitor.
Who We Are
ATAP is a one-of-a-kind team that is comprised of educators, researchers and physical security experts. Every consultation is completed by a cross-sectional group, providing your district the expertise needed for comprehensive safety planning with a perspective you can understand.
What We Do
The process begins with a Free self-assessment of school safety and Free discussion with ATAP experts on school needs and safety functions. The district is asked to identify key leaders to participate in the safety discussion process, who will take a survey of the current status of the district then participate with an ATAP team in an initial safety discussion of these survey results. ATAP will review district wide documentation on safety components and discuss the district status and goals with your leaders at a meeting scheduled two-weeks after receipt of those documents. The district can then select those who will assess and implement safety programs for the district in the future. Working together, we will prioritize usage of funds to improve district safety before on- site work begins.
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