ATAP Hall Monitor (AHM) is a safe and secure digital information system that allows school personnel to collect and share information about students' lives to support whole-child development. This collective approach to recording relevant information is essential to improving the social, emotional, educational, and safety health of each student and the school as a whole. Hall Monitor allows users to quickly enter information by categorizing it through user-friendly forms. Form options include drop-down menus for quick selection and text response options for more detailed information. By open-sourcing the information gathering (accepting information from a variety of sources) AHM compiles more relevant information sooner giving staff greater opportunity to make a difference.



AHM makes recording student information fast and simple. More importantly AHM compiles data so relevant information can be shared with those who need it. This comprehensive view into student behavior guides a proactive approach to helping students safely develop appropriate social, emotional and learning skills. Hall Monitor Referral System allows users to choose specific people or positions who will receive updates, in addition to the designated supervisor. The Response System allows users to monitor the entry and be appropriately updated on others’ actions. School personnel can construct reports for concerning behaviors and disaggregate the data by multiple indicators such as location, gender, grade, class, etc. School counselors, disciplinary personnel and mediators can instantly share information, while teachers and coaches can be included on relevant Adverse Childhood Events to provide additional support to the student.



This comprehensive view into student behavior guides the development of intervention plans and is an essential tool for MTSS, positive behavior support, and SEL programs, and for monitoring their effectiveness. All the known essential information – student stressors, life events, traumatic events, developmental challenges, and learning challenges – are in one location. This comprehensive and longitudinal record gives insight into challenges that impact student learning and development so appropriate behavior support and/or intervention plans can be developed. Teachers can share notes on student learning success and need for emotional support. School counselors, safety teams and principals will have access to greater information with the historical perspective they need to effectively help students achieve success.


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Monthly @ $0.25 per person * or Annual Subscription @ $2.0 per person* plus initialization (Annual saves more than 30% and reintegration costs! And all your data is preserved!)
*a person is a student or staff member assigned in the building – all assigned members need to be included for proper application

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