Tool of Action

By focusing on student behavior, prevalent risks like bullying, harrassment, or fights can be prevented, resulting in a safer school. (NASP)

Proactive Approach

Proactive school wide approaches create a positive school climate and build resiliency in students (Graham, 2010) Research Gate Article Abstract

Interdisciplinary Communication

School culture must be altered for systemic prevention; staff buy-in is imperative for success (Graham, 2010).

Effecting School Safety

Among middle and high school students, lower perceptions of school safety are associated with higher perpetration rates [of violence] (Adams, 2017).


Research Statement

Parents send their children to school expecting they will be in a safe environment that supports the positive development of students, with a focus on learning, health, behavior, school culture and climate, and social-emotional skills. While there is no universal safety plan, ATAP Security believes there are foundational elements to providing a comprehensive safety plan that are necessary to meet these expectations. One of those elements is the development of a comprehensive reporting system that allows the entire educational community – administrators, teachers, families, students and support staff – to record and document concerning behaviors of students. ATAP Hall Monitor is a comprehensive reporting system that allows schools to identify and monitor concerning student behaviors in order to better develop early intervention and behavioral support programs. Our work is guided by research and guidance that can be found here: