Comprehensive School Safety Planning

There is SO much to do as educators, it is hard to meet all the requirements. We know safety is important to you. Unfortunately, it’s just not something to be squeezed in at the end of your planning time and budget – there has to be specific intent.

You’ve got enough to do in education, without becoming a security expert.  Let our team of experts help you.

We have educators and researchers on staff, we’re not just cops and security assessors; we understand what you need, what you have to do, and how to help you solve problems in ways that work for you, saving your valuable time.

We know your time is precious and your resources are limited. That’s why we give you a quick, FREE survey.  It takes you only a few minutes of your time and it will give you a starting point and, if you decide to talk to us, a base for our conversation. That’s a FREE consultation we’ll set up to make sure you understand both the survey answers and the needs of your staff and students. We’ll help you set the priorities for improvements that stay within your budget. We can even help you get the funds to make them happen. Whether it’s something quick like setting you up on our student assessment program, the ATAP Hall Monitor or something long-term like procedure revision and training programs, our team will be there to help you get the results you want.

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